CES 2016: Sony’s New Hi Res Turntable – PS-HX500 (FIRST LOOK)

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For more info: We’ve just announced the new Sony Hi Res Turntable at CES 2016! Available Spring 2016 is Sony’s new record player that contributes to this upcoming generation of audio technology. Your musical experience is easily enhanced with its anti-vibration and anti-skipping body design. The PS-HX500 functions as a classic record player and allows audiophiles to store vinyl music digitally with up to DSD sound quality via USB. Remember to leave your questions in the comments area as we will be answering questions on our CES Wrap Show! Specs include: • Record vinyl through the new Hi-Res digital output to native DSD 5.6M (via USB B port) and the DSD Native AD converter • Newly developed “Hi-Res Audio Recorder” free app ( Mac or PC) • PS-HX500 includes specialized DSD features for recording, specifically the DSD Native AD converter and a special driver for compatibility with DSD recording • Fully equipped with high audio quality in its tone arm, cabinet and turntable • Features the Sony original straight tone arm with the integrated lighter-weight shell design • Reproduction of an acoustic field with well-focused three-dimensionality • Includes a unique round shell and eccentricity insulator for preventing resonance, PHONO equalizer using high sound quality parts and stable belt system • Features a beautifully crafted glass epoxy circuit board which provides better sound quality and structural stability • Includes a thick 5mm rubber mat for high sound quality which is highest in its class, and a high density luxurious t30mm MDF cabinet Subscribe for CES coverage! More SGNL: