X-Carve Desktop 3D Carving / CNC Machine Kit by Inventables

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X-Carve is a 3D Carving machine from Inventables that creates your ideas from real materials like hard and soft woods, plastics, and soft metals like aluminum. Check it out at This 3D Carving machine kit is easy to assemble and use, and can be configured to your specifications. Hence the `X` in X-Carve. You can use it to make anything from circuit boards to skateboards. X-Carve marks a huge step forward in going beyond the machine- it`s an extendable platform that works equally well for the professional workshop, production house, or home hobbyist. Our free software Easel helps you go from idea to finished product quickly and easily. And the open-source design lets you expand, customize and modify your machine to suit you individual needs. See more examples projects at Learn more at